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A well known face around the West London Area, Genesis started music from a very young age. Having being introduced to the sound system scene by his father, Genesis quickly Honed his talents when he received his first pair of turntables on christmas day 2002. By 2004 things started to kick off with weekly radio shows (PIRATE :D) and the classic Bedroom Sets (Grime) saw Genesis's popularity grow larger and larger. It wasn't until 2008 when things really blew up. This was the year he was invited to DJ at the Notting Hill Carnival by Leathon Lacrette (Tippa Audio System). It was this sole event which lead to all of the following success. "It is Official to say that this was the stepping stone that helped me to blow the game away" Genesis quoted. Not only is Genesis a resident Dj at Notting Hill Carnival, but also the Berlin and Rotterdam Carnival, not to mention the countless raves/house parties. "I could have never predicted going from a Bedroom Dj to a World Renowned International DJ, that is something i am forever grateful to God for" Genesis says so Humbly